Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cast of characters

I received my masters in mental health counseling and opened a practice for a year. I want to help/connect with people, not in an office, but on the road in my van. I am working on my first book about my solo two month road trip around the United States.  During the trip I fasted for 10 days, stayed with strangers in Minnesota, Maine, Kentucky, and Virginia, and met my boyfriend, who was hiking the Appalachian trail in New Hampshire, and is my current road companion. The dreams I have had since I was a child are a reality daily. I travel with my best friend, laugh so hard I cry, and spend time looking to solve all the world's problems. My goals are to share the insights I learn on the road as I write, share van "simple" living, and use this platform for the “therapist” side of me to provide to others human behavior self awareness stuff.

chris Miles Supertramp johnson: artist, traveler, photographer, writer. Miles travels to see, really see the world's people and places, and "to leave them in better condition than I found them". Miles' creative talents are his chosen methods for sharing these experiences. American Artist Chris Johnson: A glimpse into his life and work, click below.  

And...last but certainly not least, Jasper.

"I like da sand." Jasper