Monday, January 6, 2014

Blue Monday or bust...

At the beginning of the year my blog was accepted to carry advertisements on it. It has taken me a year to be approved which makes the news that much more exciting.   And, as of today, I have made....$3.20! So, a huge thank you to all my devoted readers because without you none of it would be possible.

Onward, forward to today's news. Today is Blue Monday or more aptly described as "the most depressing day of the year."  The reason being is resolutions have been broken, the holiday season is over, and credit bills are showing up in mailboxes around the country. But before you buy into the "Blue Monday" propaganda, remember not to believe everything you hear. "Blue Monday," is in fact, a lie and was invented by a UK travel company in order to boost travel sales. Media loves a good catch-all phrase that the masses will, literally, buy into, so don't!
Instead of feeling blue or depressed - Give. Give without expectation of receiving anything in return. Give a compliment or give a hug. Let the person behind you in line go in front of you. Buy a stranger's lunch. I did each of those things today, not because I want or need praise but because giving makes for a beautiful day. And, what a beautiful day it has been.