Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finding Faith...

My mind is quite persuasive this morning. It wants me to give up writing. The kink in my neck is causing me pain, I looked in the mirror and my arms are fatter plus my hair sucks. There, I said it. Getting that off my chest made me feel a better. Here's a poem for when times are tough.

"I do not pay for riches but should riches come to me, I pray for generosity that I would be willing to share with others. I do not pray for beauty but should I be fairer face in form, I pray for modesty lest I flaunt my loveliness. I do not pray for power but should it be my lot to lead and influence others, I pray for wisdom, lest arrogance take over my nature. I do not pray for honor but should honor come to me, I pray to understand, lest esteem cause me to forget those who need a helping hand. Should I be gifted, I pray for humility knowing full well that all talent comes from dedication.
I do not pray for trouble but should trouble come to me, I pray for courage to begin anew and neither wince nor blame. I do not pray for sorrow but when grief enters my life, I pray for fortitude to rear my trials with patience. For generosity, for modesty, for wisdom, for understanding, for humility, for courage, for fortitude but most of all I pray for faith. Faith in the perfection that surrounds us all. Yes, I pray for faith."

-Author Unknown

Keep on truckin'.