Tuesday, January 7, 2014

For the Love of Money and Dolphins..

It's 8:45am and my comic book writer neighbor left after two cups of coffee and after telling me he is moving in with his girlfriend. The news of him moving is similar to the experience of my trustworthy auto mechanic moving an hour away... disappointing. Yet, the show must go on to today's topic: money.
In my early twenties I read the book Your Money or Your Life, which helped me change the way I viewed money. The book challenged cultural perspectives such as money is "the root of all evil" and "wanting and having money makes you greedy". Both beliefs about money are negative and effect how people handle money.  The book helped me to understand the freedom and empowerment money can give. I learned to spend less than I made, to buy what I needed and used, but most importantly to save.
I saved money and called it my "screw you" fund. My "screw you" fund was money set aside that so if ever I wanted time away without the looming stress of money, I could just go.
My opportunity came August 2012 I took a year off work, lived in my car and traveled to forty-eight states.  I saw The Grand Canyon, Everglades, Yellowstone and 23 other national parks. I went to the Strugis Motorcycle Rally, a Green Bay Packers game, The Kentucky State Fair, Mardi Gras, saw a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral, hiked Mount Katahdin, and drove Route 66. I saw a wolf, moose, elk, buffalo, mountain goat, bald eagles, prairie dogs, alligators, javelina (a boar-like creature), and dolphins. And, last but not least, I met my boyfriend, who has added that much more life and love to the crazy adventure I find myself in daily.   

In conclusion, save money and you will fall in love and hang out with dolphins.