Thursday, January 16, 2014

Get Naked in the Tomatoes...

A year ago today I sat in a hot spring on the edge of the Rio Grande, NAKED! That brings me to my beef with humanity these days, where is the nudity? In researching this morning's topic, as to why nudity is illegal, I found an article, with a statement from a Mr. Joel Feinberg , "An act need not be objectively harmful to merit prohibition - it need only produce an unpleasant mental state such as shame, disgust, or anxiety in observers."

Really? Are you kidding me?! Because someone looks at a naked body and feels shame or anxiety gives grounds to warrant illegality. The article further concludes that the Supreme Court's anti-nudity legislation has to do more with the judge's OWN discomfort rather than logic. And here I thought our court system was the ONE place where logic still won out. 
This leads me to the main problem I see with feeling "discomfort, shame and anxiety" with regards to the body in it's natural form. We, as a culture, have major body image issues! The media, the products they sell, and messages they bellow are fucked up and only mean to make you, in turn, fucked up. The belief that you are not OK, that you need to change and that, if you don't want to change something is wrong with you, cannot be further from the truth.

The truth as I've come to know it was shown perfectly in the documentary The Real Dirt on Farmer John. A young woman came to work on a co-op farm, hating her body to the point she considered suicide. After working with the tomatoes for a few weeks she began to think of herself differently. She described the shapely beauty that made a tomato a tomato. She found that in her appreciation of the tomatoes she, in turn, found appreciation for herself.

If you or someone you know has body issues the quickest way to get over them is to get naked and stay naked, preferably with someone else who is naked. And, go...