Thursday, January 2, 2014

Return to sender...

I like to write letters.  I like, not only the writing of the letter, but asking for the recipient's address, affixing the stamp, and the act of plopping the letter in the mailbox.  Come to think of it, this letter writing passion of mine has been around ever since I was quite young.  While riding a three-wheeler at my grandparent's property in Eastern Washington, I delivered invisible mail to trees and shrubs. Although imaginary, the feeling of accomplishment and being a part of something larger than myself was not.  I saw The Postman for the FIRST time last year.  I emphasize first for a couple reasons. A movie of its caliber, along with my love of anything letters, make it an ideal candidate for multiple viewings.  Hence, my surprise at seeing it for the first time, shocked and awed at every plot twist, with the resounding torturous question: Will the letters EVER get delivered!?
Letters come in all forms.  From announcing the arrival of a newborn baby to the last words of someone who no longer wishes to live.  Letters give hope and connection, bring pain and sadness, and link us to times passed. Here is a website of handwritten love letters from celebrities like Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash, if you're interested.
P.S. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write a letter.  P.S.S. if you leave your address in the comment section below I will send you a letter or email me your address at  Happy writing!
Photo I took of a letter from Chief Standing Bear
to sculptor Gutzom Borglum. It is this letter that
was the beginning of the Crazy Horse Memorial.