Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cold as Ice...

Last night, while visiting with a friend, the topic of comfort came up. We discussed how efficient and comfortable our lives are and how it might not necessarily always be a good thing. Henry explained how taking a daily cold shower decreases stress and lowers a person's body temperature. He explained that Russians believe lowering one's body temperature by one degree can equate to ten more years of life.  

I remembered our conversation just as I went to step into the shower today. Instead of turning the nozzle left like I normally do, I turned it right instead. Since there was no need to wait for the water to heat up, I took a deep breath and stepped in. The initial discomfort was so great I only wet my hair for a few seconds before moving my body as far away from the shower head as possible. I used the dripping water from my hair to wet the rest of my body in order to soap up. When it was time to rinse, my desire to make the water warm was so strong, but I decided against it in an effort to follow through with giving the Russian theory a fair shake.

It's been forty-five minutes since my shower and I'm still cold and I want to put a coat on. However, utilizing a mind over matter technique, I found that despite being uncomfortable, I feel refreshed and focused. I guess there's truth to, "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" because even though it felt like I was dying, I'm still here to tell the tale. 

Here's to crazy Russians and cold showers!     


  1. On the other hand Jac, we of the over thirty crowed spend the winter wandering the west from hot spring to hot spring when I could have lived another MN white hell for 6 months in order to feel the incredible rush of relief and joy on the first real spring day (the Russians understand that). So if the earth is so kind to allow me twenty more good years do I want twenty summers or forty summers to live ?

    1. Now hold on a second. First. I'm over 30 (by two years) and after wandering hot spring to hot spring for the past month I empathize. I can definitely understand the need to escape the "white hell" you speak of, because the endless cloud and rain recipe of the Northwest depressed me this past winter. I may be soon following you, once I figure out how to finance it, because double the amount of summers sounds fine by me!