Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Balancing rocks

At an overlook outside of Monterey, California, we stopped to take some photos. A conversation with Steve and Judy (sorry if I got your name wrong) ensued about the beauty of the area around us. We discussed Steve's correctional facility job, he recently retired from, where he worked with paranoid schizophrenics. He told about his compassion for the mentally ill, due to growing up with a father who was schizophrenic. I asked him what it was like having a father who could hear the walls speak and believed everyone was out to get him, “oh, I knew he was out there, but I always had a sense of reality. I even found out some of the things, I thought were false, he had actually done."

When Steve was in middle school his father moved the family out to the Mojave desert on 150 acres of land. He told police officers that he was 100% Native American and that it was his land. For 30 years he lived on that land, using an outhouse he made, along with other structures to survive. Authorities eventually found out that he was not, in fact, of native descent and was forced to leave.

On a footnote the reason I met Steve and Judy was because they were checking on a balanced rock structure a man had built the night before at the seashore. The day before had also been their 40th wedding anniversary. They came back to check and see if the structure had remained through the rough winds during the night. It had.