Wednesday, March 27, 2013

True Life...

I've lacked inspiration to blog.  And, I love to blog.  When I feel less than inspired, I need to figure out why.  I realized, more than ever, that I love to write.  I like to write to share thoughts and insights.  Even though it continually scares me to put my thoughts on paper, in fear of being judged and criticized, I'm getting over it.

I'd like to share some insights, as learned from my relationship.  Living in a car or in the basement of your parent's house is difficult.  This fact of life has made learning to communicate each other's language that much more  imperative in order to stay together.  Pride on both our parts may have had a little to do with the times we broke up in Washington, California, Texas and Florida.  Ultimately, the need to be right doesn't fix anything.  All it does is keep the letting go of whatever it is you're fighting about that much more in focus.  Being right is a matter of opinion, anyway.   I'm competitive as they come, but I've realized someone's feelings aren't something to be right about.  Even though I'm a prideful Seattle Seahawks fan - ranked 1st  and Percy Harvin as a wide receiver --what, what --competition is a detriment to relationships.

Lastly, I'll share my current plan to make money.  My first plan several months ago had me contacting Scion about financing my trip. Which I didn't do, and then Scion came out with a marketing plan that financed four kids to take Scion's cars around the country.  Shit.  Here's my latest plan worth millions. Chris and I met for the first time in September, outside a gas station in New Hampshire.  Not having even talked to him yet, the first thing he asked me to was play catch with his PooF football.  Since our first catch, we play catch in every state we travel through.   Poof, similar to Nerf, wear out every couple months.  I was thinking.  What if I email PooF, tell them about our falling in love over catch, solving fights by playing catch and so forth then we become their new advertisement? We get free footballs and gas money to drive the van to play catch in Europe, Asia, New Zeleand, Australia, and Iceland.  Boo-yah!   Dreams....don't you love 'em?

We're headed towards Colorado, Utah, Nevada soon but not until I sell my car for gas money and a new audio system in the van.  Over and out from the parent's basement.