Saturday, January 18, 2014

Give Me a Break...

Write the story you would want to read. This is the advice given when I googled "what kind of book should I write." In my own daily struggle to find the right words, I've put undo stress on myself. I want each post to be perfect and in my pursuit of perfection put undo stress on myself. This undo stress manifested a week and a half ago when I pinched a nerve in my neck. I went to an acupuncturist for the first time this morning, hoping to find relief from the constant shooting pain. The acupuncturist told me he would take care of 80% of the problem but that I would be responsible for the other 20%. He made me aware of the strain placed on my neck while on the computer, watching television in bed and if I use more than one pillow. In an almost prophetic Chinese medicine man kind of way he said, "Sometimes things just need a break."
Here I lie, positioned on the left side of my body, laptop on its side and my head limp on one pillow, giving my neck its break. Purposefully relaxing this way is not something I normally do. Even if my body isn't moving my mind is on think auto pilot, straining the heck out of my psyche. Tonight is oh so needed break. Here's to doing my 20%.