Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh God Where Art Thou...

I don't know what I believe in. I used to believe in God - the Christian one - until my late teens. My mother's passing when I was 16 caused a deep questioning within, one that still burns strong to this day. Buddhism's focus on human beings endless suffering put words to how I was feeling in my early 20's but did not provide all the answers to which I sought. The Tao (pronounced dow), a way of life for many Chinese people, teaches that everything is connected, in a yin and yang fashion and its teachings helped broaden my knowledge of the spiritual world.
"Giving birth, nourishing life, shaping things without possessing them, serving without expectation of reward, leading without dominating: These are the profound virtues of nature, and of nature's best beings."
-The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu

Although I've never experienced God or anything of the sort, I have experienced synchronicity. Synchronicity is defined as events that occur at the same time that seem to be connected but there is no conventional explanation. This is where the phrase  in sync  comes from, not the 90's boy band. I can't say whether synchronicity comes from god or is a random occurrence but all the same, it feel eerily spiritual to me.
Here is an example of a recent synchronicity from my own life: A man I connected with through a social media site sent me an email saying, "If you ever come to Austin let me know." I have never met this person but I did know of  him, as I connected with him online before. Chris and I wanted to travel somewhere warm with the plane tickets we received for getting bumped in December but didn't want to pay hotel and transportation costs. He offered us his ranch house for a week and take us around to see Austin's sights. I missed Austin on my road trip and regretted it immensely. My good friend Peter always says, "To be on time is good but perfect timing is better."

I don't know what I believe in or that I need to believe in anything. I also don't know if it matters. I do know that by remaining open to the unknowns that surround me is where I find wonder and beauty to exist and to me, that's all that truly matters.