Thursday, January 9, 2014

Failure IS NOT an Option...

Power plant outside Page, Arizona (2012)
I ran across a woman's website where she attempted to do 365 days of blogging.  I say attempted  because upon clicking through the days of the month, everything after May 6th was nothingness.  Nothingness like "the nothing" in The Neverending Story. Scary. That being said, what happened? Did she die? Wait. No, not dead. I found her on another website but instead of blogging she's "obsessed with Instagram" and switched to photography. Not so committed to our original challenge, are we lady? Oh well, her life, her decisions.
Her story made me think about commitments. More specifically, the commitments we make with ourselves and the factors that lead us to failure. One such failure factor is the mind's belief in whatever you tell it. We make promises to ourselves all day every day about how who we plan to be in the future. The tomorrow "you" will show up on time, be a better friend, eat less, work out more, and be smarter with money. However, the today "you", the one that actually exists, isn't in the mood, doesn't know how, blames the other guy, and makes excuses.
Zen yoga beetle, Zion National Park, Utah (2013)
The person we are today is who we are. Whereas the person we want to be is an illusion. Knowing those facts, how can we find success without the illusion?  First off, stop making promises to yourself. The mind, being the tricky beast it is, will do anything it can to get what it wants. By not making promises the mind no longer rules, you do. You, without promises, are free to choose moment to moment what to do.
I am challenging you to be aware of your thoughts today. Listen to the radio station playing within. When you hear "I'll get to it later", stop. Quiet the mind. Then ask yourself "what do I want to do now?" Practice this today, as will I, and we'll reconvene tomorrow. Therapy session adjourned. Oh, if you want some comedy relief watch the video below, it's how I believe therapy should be!