Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dedicated to the 12th Man...

There is nowhere better to be than in Seattle right now. The buzz in the air is palpable, one that's replaced the usual rainy, hibernate-like gloom and doom state of mind with an energized and aroused one. I wore my Seahawks stocking cap to the grocery store last night and immediately felt underdressed, upon seeing the layers upon layers of Seahawks gear around me. Seattle has become a rabid dog, one that has been locked up in a cage for far too long and the only thing on their mind is revenge. Revenge for what, you ask? To all Seahawks fans reading this, you may want to close your eyes during the next part. 

In 2006, the first time in franchise history, the Seattle Seahawks made it to the Superbowl. This moment, a long time in the making, was all the greater because Seattle had a shot at winning. The city confidently turned on their television sets, waiting for the moment when they would be crowned the victor. Despite their outplaying the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Seahawks lost. I say outplayed because if it were not for the mistakes made by the referees (most likely on purpose) the outcome of the game would have been different. Petitions were filed, meetings took place but when it was all said and done, the Seattle Seahawks name was withheld from the record books. Seattle fans, you can open your eyes now. 
Today is the day Seattle's waited for ever since that fateful day eight years ago. Despite our past hardships, I'm proud of our team and what they have ignited in this city. The support from 12th man is an incredible thing to be apart of: whether it's the 12's flag being flown at Mount Everest's base camp, thousands of fans sending off players to New Jersey, or the International Space Station representing 12th man, each moment sends goosebumps through my blue and green veined body. The road to get to where are today has no doubt been a bumpy one, but what challenge isn't exactly that, bumpy. The ups and downs are what makes days like today worth every second of the ride. Go HAWKS!