Friday, February 21, 2014

Die Empty...

Die empty. When you are at the last moments of your life, whenever that is, will you regret not having been someone or done something? I'm thankful, at this moment anyway, not to have many regrets. The regrets I do have, I've vowed, if possible, not to repeat again. Over a year ago, as most of you know, I lived 11 months on the road. During that time I was surprised how often my level of comfort was challenged; washing my hair in a public restroom sink, hopping on the back of a complete stranger's motorcycle, or sleeping in people's homes that I'd just met that day. Looking back, the moments I wish could have again, are the ones where I feared looking stupid. How many people walk around with the same fear, head down and full of should'ves and next times, neglecting the call from within? 

"Alas for those that sing,
But die with all their music in them!"
 -Oliver Wendell Holmes, "Voiceless"