Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Catch the Big One...

Hitting on a woman is like fishing; once you get one on, you hold on and pray to god the line doesn't break. That being said, here are some tips to catching the big one :

1. Know what you’re up against. More often than not, the big fish, or the ones that are really worth catching, have already been caught a time or two. This means they are strong, smart, and quick.  Respect this majestic creature because if you don’t, they will snap your line in half.

2. Sometimes less is more. Skilled anglers know overpowering and forcing a fish in can lead to a broken line; therefore backing off and easing tension helps the process. Be aware of your expectations and how you approach the situation. Sometimes a positive outlook and enjoying what is right in front of you is all that's required.

3. Try and try again. The best fishermen in the world did not get that way from watching it on television; they packed their gear, rain or shine, and put their line in the water. Getting turned down by the opposite sex does not mean you’re a failure or that something’s wrong with you; it’s simply part of the process that leads you to becoming the best angler you can be.

Now get out there and do some fishing!