Monday, February 10, 2014

What You See Is What You Get...

Isn't it amazing how a photo takes on whatever meaning you assign to it? The photo to your left was taken at a fountain in Charleston, South Carolina. At the time, I was borderline miserable, living out of the back of my car with my boyfriend who I disagreed with about the tiniest of details.

More often than not we focus on the image of the life we want, rather than the reality of what goes into actually creating it.

Just because you work hard and play by the rules doesn't mean the perfect life is going to fall into your lap. Regardless how you feel about it, life has its ups and downs. Instead of looking at success as financial, prestige or status related, try looking at success by the amount of times you kiss your child at bed time, the amount of home cooked meals you eat, or the lengthy hugs you get or give to the ones you love. And don't ever forget, perception is everything.