Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Silence is Golden...

What do you want to write about today, I asked myself. Silence. Not even a cricket chirp. Wait for it...still nothing. On days like today it's to the archives we go! Here are two poems I wrote ten years ago that helped make a difficult time easier. Enjoy.

Rocket Ship
It's leaving soon don't know if I'll be on it,
Everyone wants me to go, but right here I'll sit.
I don't know if it's safe, if I'll come out alive,
The last time I went, it went into a dive.
I had control but lost it with one wrong move, 
The spirit inside me had something to prove.
I know this time will be different, it won't be the same,
If it crashes this time, we'll know who's to blame.
Not the pilot or crew could have save this ship,
Nor the mechanics and engineers that made it tick.
The greatest existence ever known disagreed with its course,
It seems impossible that this could be the source.
If it happens it happens, I will not disagree,
But how will we know if we don't even see?

Spirit of the Tiger
The tiger in the cage endlessly paces,
Looking in the distance past all the faces.
He knows what they don't, for he's on a different path,
Soon they will be gone, will have received the wrath.
A smirk reaches his countenance but not one will see,
Too busy in their routine for the spirit of he.