Monday, March 10, 2014

Wonderland Twins...

There is an interesting new addition to my summer plans. I, along with my Dad and Chris, are headed on a 10- day hike around Mount Rainier on the Wonderland Trail.
After the excitement subsided, I panicked, when I remembered I had a blog to write. It appears I will have some double writing days to do to keep my resolution and will need to call upon a trusted friend to post them in my absence.

In other news, tonight we celebrated my nephew's Connor and Wesson's birthday. They are fraternal, not identical twins, but as you will see in the video below, it is impossible to tell them apart. Although Connor doesn't like the "Curly Connor" nickname given to him by his peers, it does serve a necessary purpose.

Lastly, as my brother and I can attest, my Dad never liked his picture taken when we were growing up. I don't know why but he didn't. I can say with some certainty, he is much more comfortable, especially if his grandchildren are near. He has gone from camera shy to camera fly in a manner of a decade and I dig it. Enjoy the video!