Saturday, March 15, 2014

No Apologies ...

If you only get one spin you get in this life, quit apologizing. Apologies, whether forced or otherwise, stem from emotional guilt and are used like get out of jail free cards, cashed in only to serve an unconscious selfish need.

Unfortunately life doesn't hand out do-overs, which means each of us is left with a portion of internal regret over past mistakes made. However difficult regret is to bear, if you are in fact truly sorry, then you will move forward with the knowledge from the experience and the wisdom of how to act in the future.
For the next time, think about possible outcomes of your decisions and how they will impact those around you. You aren't expected to be perfect, nor should you expect others to be perfect either. If together everyone works at being a little more thoughtful, a little more honest, and a little more loving in each and every moment, we will have a renewed trust in those around us, so there will be no need for sorry.