Friday, March 14, 2014

Quicksand of Life

How do you draw the line between what is and isn't your business with regards to other people? Do you use a magnifying glass to peer into the lives of those around you or do you prefer to sit back on a mountain top and watch from above? It appears the extent to which we get involved in other people’s lives (of which we have little control over) provides a glimpse into our own psyche and discomfort with uncertainty.

What do you know about quicksand? Thanks to Hollywood, most of us think it's a very quick and dramatic process. However, the part that's misrepresented is a less than exciting reality; remain very still, make small, slow movements, arms spread, and the individual floats to the surface rather than a precipitous sinking. (If you’re at all interested, this is due to our body’s density being greater than that of sand.)

To decrease the quicksand-like drama in our own lives, there needs to be a more evolved approach in the way we view human behavior. Although common sense, reason, justice, logic, and fairness are wonderful governing bodies to turn to when trying to understand the world we live in, they should not be the end all be all. Situations aren't always black or white, nor will a one size fits all response be the best way to handle them. Therefore, in order to understand and better deal with these situations with a new, more objective viewpoint, there needs to be a letting go of the old rules. Or, more precisely, when confronted with a sticky situation, stop flailing and just float...